23 Nov 2016

Fake menko

This is a fake menko (面子、めんこ) that I made. What are menko? Menko are kinda like Pogs or Tazos but they come from Japan. They are super cool and I've found them kind of hard to come across. Below are some real menko.

I've been told that you used to buy them in one big sheet of cardboard and cut them up yourself. The ones I have don't seem hand cut, but maybe these are newer or older than they ones I was told about. They work the same as Tazos or Pogs. You pile them up and use a card to try and knock them over. And just like Tazos or Pogs, the game doesn't work very well.

I made the space dude in Illustrator and used photoshop to put it on a real menko. I had to remove the super cool Japanese design first, and then used some filters and overlays to try and make it authentic.

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