18 Nov 2016

10 ways living in Japan makes you talk like a wierdo.

A bit over a year ago I posted a blog "10 ways living in Japan makes you talk like a weirdo." I posted it on Facebook on a Monday morning and I remember being so annoyed as it disappeared from the news feed so quickly. I kept deleting it and reposting it so at least a couple of people would see it, but eventually I gave up and went off to work frustrated.  This is the blog:

10 ways living in Japan makes you talk like a weirdo

1. You can’t stop using useful Japanese words.
 2. Everything is natsukashii.
 3. You forget what words aren’t English.
 4. You simply forget English words.
 5. You use Japanese particles in your sentences.
 6. You use Japanese English.
 7. You talk to yourself in Japanese.
 8. Your answers become more vague.
 9. You make lame bilingual puns.
 10. And lastly, you can’t help yourself.

By the time I got home the post had exploded as far as I'm concerned. It didn't go viral or get a million views or anything, but it did get more attention than I'm used to. People who got it, loved it. 

The blog had almost 200,000 views and was shared on Facebook over 10,000 times in just a few days.

I didn't put my name on it and so most people didn't know that I made it. I could see what people really thought. It was fun.

A few days later the blog traffic slowed right down and that was that. But I only just noticed something looking at the stats:

Can you see it? I posted the blog in July and a year later I got a spike in views. What's so special about July?

July is the month when the JET Programme starts and almost 2000 people fly into Tokyo to start working as English teachers. Which also means 2000 people are flying back home. That's probably got a lot to do with it. 

It seems I posted the blog at the perfect time, which is cool. I didn't plan it, but I wonder if I should be paying more attention.

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