15 Feb 2015

Experimenting with method

I guess the bunny has a mouth now. And a tooth?

I thought I would do a method/style test before I did any kind of longer comic. Above is an attempt at one panel with clean black and white line work. It's kind of stark but it almost works. Maybe the line work is a bit thick and the shading is a bit strange. I was very keen to shade something as I wanted to try out these manga shading sheets that I found in an art store in Japan about a year ago. They are super fun and easy to use.

And this is before I applied a threshold filter.

8 Feb 2015

Japanese Park Drawing

Here is a drawing of one of the parks near our house. (Click on it.) I spent more time on this than I have on any drawing in years, maybe even ever. Perhaps 15 hours? I'm happy with how it turned out. I always have trouble with the colours and I would do some things differently if I was to do it again. Such as use different pens for inking. Here is the photo I was working from:

Before colouring:

This one below I did a few weeks back. It only took a couple of hours. I was trying to produce something without putting much time into it as I usually do. (What's the point?) When I finished I decided I would try and draw a background without half arsing it and so I started working on the Coke drawing. 


Any tips? Ideas?