15 Jun 2012

Mystery cardboard gun fight!

This is a little video I made and submitted to Mysteryguitarman's Sandbox show on Bammo on Youtube. It didn't get selected which I was pretty cut with, but I can live with. What annoyed me most is the submission process as it was a bit confusing as to if your film was submitted or not - plus there was no confirmation or email or anything. I sent Bammo a message to ask if they got it but they didn't reply.

Anyway, My wife and I got in another Mysteryguitarman's video. 

Can you find us? We look something like this: (hey! I only just noticed that he flipped us)

9 Jun 2012

Pause. Save? Short film script.

Below is a 14 minute short animated film I wrote last year. Please read it, tell me what you think, pass it on to friends. I'm after someone to make it into an awesome film - could that be you? ...

Click - Pause. Save? (Greyhound)

8 Jun 2012

The Coke War

This is the biggest film project of mine. Hope you enjoy it... and leave any thoughts in the comment section.