16 Dec 2011

Lunch Break 3D

I'm not really a gamer - but this is not because I don't like them... it's because they waste your time and your money (and your entire life).

13 Dec 2011

Flash cheat tutorial

I thought I would have a go at doing a tutorial. This is the first one (2 parts)...

And below is the second part...

Let me know what you think... any suggestions?

If you can turn on the CC function (it tries and subtitles the video) give it ago cause it's hilarious.

3 Dec 2011

Testing After Effectsing

I've been playing around in After Effects. Here are some tests. SDAL is in all of the video's.

22 Oct 2011

Psychedelic Pstuff!

This is just one shot from a little youtube clip I'm putting together. Again, just trying to learn After Effects. Shots like this take a long time. That's Scott in the clip.

24 Sep 2011

John Flynn

Um... sorry about the violence in this one. Scott and I filmed this in about an hour so I would have some footage to play with in After Effects. Just something to help me learn.

If you're so shocked with the violence... calm your nerves with this other youtube I made a few weeks back.

8 Sep 2011

The King - Dry eyes

Hello. I ain't been up to much lately. Enjoy The King!

22 Jul 2011

Another attempt at cookies

This is another attempt at cookie icing decoration. Still not quite there yet! I'll keep trying. I think my Totoro's worked out the best...

Below you can see I did try and fill in some colour on a few cookies... But it did not work. So for next time - background first, line work second. OK.

22 Jun 2011

go back to where you came from

So I copied this idea from Tim and I guess this site. I haven't seen the show Go back to where you came from yet... it's on my to do list.

10 Kevins in 10 minutes!

This is Kevin Rudd... 10 drawings in 10 minutes (bout 15 by the time I finished colouring). Surprisingly, I found him kinda hard to draw, and was expecting better results than this. Oh well, sorry Kevin. Sorry if he looks like he's in a Bonds singlet ad. Theres an image hard to get out of your head.

21 Jun 2011

10 drawings of Julia in 10 minutes!

So I have an exam tomorrow... I really should be studying. Anyway, I thought I would try draw 10 Julia's in 10 minutes. Here they are - some better than others. Some I wasn't going to include but wheres the fun in that? All the drawing was done in under 10 minutes. It probably took closer to 15 minutes by the time I did the colouring. I really should get back to studying.

20 Jun 2011

Some kind of rat girl sketch

After finally getting Adobe CS5.5 on my iMac, and after finally getting my old old Wacom to finally work on it (Hooray!) I thought I would do a quick sketch in photoshop to celebrate before bed (and more study). So here is some kinda sketch of some kind of rat girl.

Domestic Cookies

Here is my second attempt a Domestic Cowboy Cookies. Perhaps not what I hoped, but getting there. Note: black icing sugar. Again, time was a problem... but my real enemy this time was consistency... that is icing sugar consistency. It either came out too fast and ran and was drippy, or came out too slow and was stiff and lumpy. So that is something to work on. My wife suggests that they look better when they have less colours, and are more simple. Perhaps she's right. They taste awesome b.t.w.

Can you see Ratgirl?

I made these for a friends farewell party... perhaps she likes Twilight, and perhaps I was trying to make an Edward cookie. Perhaps a little ambitious.

11 Jun 2011

Some kind of rat girl

So this is Ratgirl. Well, perhaps this version is called ‘some kind of rat girl’. The story of some kind of rat girl is as follows. A friend, who we will call Miriam to conceal her identity, wrote on her facebook wall something like she didn’t think Ratgirl would be a very good superhero. This spiralled out of control as Scott turned this idea into a character. He drew the very first (or one of the very first) Ratgirl in my sketchbook. This spiralled further out of control when I drew a very clay-styled copy of Scott’s drawing. This even further span out of control when I kept drawing her, but making her more domestic cowboy flavoured. Anyway, turns out there are infinity parallel universes, and Ratgirl exists in at least two. Scott’s Ratgirl is very cool… a hell of a lot more realistic. You can see Scott’s Ratgirl designs here.

Above is just a few sketches to try and work her out – not attempting anything special or nothing… just trying to get a better idea of what I want her to look like. I was also giving her a go with the brush pen to see if I could get some nice inking going. I learnt 3 things in this little drawing exercise.

1) A light box may be holding me back. I drew these with pencils on a tablecloth… without any light-box. I felt like I drew better if I just gave it one shot, rather than if I drew it, placed another piece of paper over the top, tried to improve it, place another piece of paper on top… etc. This is something I had been taught to do in animation school… but maybe that’s something more for Disney animators.

2) Using a line of action might be holding me back. Another thing I learnt in animation school is to draw all characters using a line of action… a line that tells the characters inner emotions or something like this. Again, I think this was probably really helpful to Disney animators, but perhaps it’s giving me awkward characters. In the above drawing… the two girls on the right were drawn with a line of action, the two on the left weren’t. I think I’ve spent years trying to force a line of action into my characters. Perhaps the line of action may be one of those ‘toys for the grown ups’ and just something I shouldn’t play with. Fun fact: the two drawings on the left actually have a line of action, I just didn’t draw one in.

3) Brush pens may actually be the inking tool after all. I love the idea of brush pens. They just make sense. I’ve spent year trying to use them with no luck, but tonight they’ve worked well. Maybe this is because I haven’t been trying to use them on my lightbox where my hand sticks to the glass… or maybe because I always am to scared to ink strait onto my pencil drawing so I do it on a new piece of paper, and again it’s the lightboxes fault.

I guess I’m a slow learner.

Here are a few colour’s I was quickly playing with. Maybe that brushed style is something I should be going for.

On a slightly related note, there’s this ‘myth’ going around that a good character design must have a clear, defined, unique, instantly recognisable silhouette. If you have two characters in the same show that have a similar silhouette you should crawl in a hole and never come out. Every character designer preaches this as if it’s some pearl of wisdom handed down from guru to guru. I think it’s a load of Hogwarts. Why? Well that’s just it… why? Why does every character need a unique silhouette? Is it because the audience can tell characters apart? No… does anyone watch the Simpsons and get way confused whenever Homer, Barney or Krusty are in the same shot? On my goodness… this show makes no sense… Krusty is talking to Barney and I just don’t understand anything. Is it because it makes for more interesting characters? No… it just makes a miss-mash of random shaped people who don’t look like they should be on the same planet together (have a look at homestarrunner). Is it because it is helpful in setting up the scene… layout… framing all that? No… there is no reason why you can’t set up any situation well… if you just stand similarly shilloette characters next to each other without thinking… then maybe it’s helpful to have random blobs… but that’s not a character design fault. I assume this was just something someone said once and no one challenged it and it sounded like it could be right so people keep saying it. Anyway, this is trivial so no need to listen or even understand… this is just 2am babble.

In Christianity, if a guy wants to be a preacher or a pastor but can't preach and is terrible with people, often people subtly suggest he should become an academic theologian. I think I can't draw and am not any good with animation... so perhaps I should become an academic cartoonogian. Once again... 2am babble.

9 Jun 2011

Domestic Party

I drew the background of this first, using a 'home and garden' magazine as a guide. Then added the people. I'm happy with all the guys in this photo - they are all funny and odd looking. The girls... well... I can't really draw girls.

I drew round eyes with pupils, which I don't often do. It makes them look like Rugrats drawings. I again had troubles with the colouring, the lines and all that... It looked better on my darker laptop than my bright iMac.

28 May 2011

Domestic Graffiti

Tonight I went to a mad birthday party for my mate Jimbo. Happy Birthday Jimbo! He designated a wall in his garage for graffiti. I always wanted to do some graffiti but don't believe in it in its illegal form, so I was pretty excited to get to try it. Turns out its a lot harder than I expected!

The bunny turned out to look a bit evil... so I called him death bunny.

This robot looks a bit like Bender.

24 May 2011

Zine launch

Domestic Cowboy - I could have been so many things... was launched with a BANG! Thanks to Andy for the song. It will live on forever in our hearts... and longer on the internet.

I was inspired by Sugar Belle to make some ginger bread for the launch. They worked OK but it was a very rushed job (with both cutting out the shapes and icing). Also we didn't have enough icing sugar. Lessons learnt... next time I'm allowing 4 hours to cut out the shape and cook them; 4 hours to ice them. All in all... it wasn't as hard as I'd imagined... and I feel that with a bit of practice I could make some pretty awesome ginger bread cookies.

This is my beautiful wife eating the bunny. :)

And people generally enjoying the picnic.

There are still about 20 zines left if you want one.

12 May 2011

Buy a Zine!

Woo-hoo! Domestic Cowboy - I could have been so many things... is now available! It's looking really good... the printing is unreal... Really happy with the way it turned out.

There are 3 ways to get one

1) From the Zine Launch* - $5
2) From me in person after the Zine launch - $6
3) Via snail mail - $7 (email me - claymcintosh@gmail.com)

They also may be available in shops like Rocking Horse and Comics Etc. in Brisbane if they let me. There they will be more $8-$10.

*The Zine launch is a picnic (bring your own snacks) - Saturday, May 14 · 2:30pm - 5:30pm at Roma Street Parklands Brisbane. Email me for more details.

9 May 2011

In the Kitchen

A background I am much happier about. I'm still not sure what I'm doing when it comes to colouring and using photoshop, but I picked up a few tips. I did this one in pen, rather than pencil, which I think is a much better line to work with. This is our kitchen, which is the same room as the last background I drew.

These sketches were done as me and my wife were traveling around europe. Twas lots of fun!

3 May 2011

A little bit of background

Tonight I decided I would try and draw a complete scene... I never draw a whole scene - that is, characters in a background. I always only draw characters standing on white space or photo shop them onto a photo. I do this because (1) I'm lazy and (2) I can't really draw... and drawing backgrounds is hard. Anyway... this is tonights attempt. Surprisingly, I found drawing the background easier than expected... but the problem was line-work, scanning and photoshop. Any tips? I think my biggest problem was not bothering to work out the scanning software and I got a bad scan... anyway... It's a start... I'll keep trying.

PS. This is our 'lounge room' (and kitchen).
PPS. My Wacom is dying... it has been for about 12 months :( Only works sometimes.

26 Apr 2011

Zine there done that...

Almost finished my Zine! It's the first 100% domestic cowboy zine ever! It compiles all of the domestic cowboy comic strips, some artworks and even a couple of things that can't be seen anywhere else. It will be 32 pages of full colour magic. I have one more page to finish off, and then write the self indulgent intro, and then off to the printers. Yay!

This is the front cover! What do you think?

28 Mar 2011


Update: new background

I bet you can hear Pikaaachuuuuuuuu!

24 Mar 2011

The King - Time Travel

These King video's are getting less and less views. I expected them to get more and more views as more came out and people found out about them. But you gotta be in it to win it (or not win it and know better for next time right?)

25 Jan 2011

Teddy, cub, lion, and an overuse of yellow!

The 'final' cleaned up drawings for the kids Church program I was talking about a few blogs back.

21 Jan 2011

Jump the shark

A new episode of 'The King'. This was the very first one we filmed... we had no idea what we were doing... but it was fun. If we film some more... do people have any suggestions or ideas as to what would make it better?

16 Jan 2011

Church sketches!

This is a drawing of a lion cub... or as Katie (my wife) thinks a sloth. Below the lion-sloth are sketches and ideas for a 'local' church Sunday school program. We've got the Crèche, the Cubs and the lions.

Below are probably the 3 I will go with. Thoughts? Kutz?