24 Aug 2009

Pixel Pinkie

Here is the 30 seconds of film I was allowed to take with me from Pixel Pinkie. I want to stress that the special effects are not done by me... they were done by someone else (whose name may or may not be Stu). For some reason I was not given sound with the files, so I improvised. The show is supposedly airing this Saturday morning but its not in any of the guides.

20 Jul 2009

Breakfast at Ric's

Why hello there! I guess its been a few months...

I've given up the comics for Scene magazine; I just can't find the time at the moment. I will continue to draw comics when they come to me but don't hold your breath. I've been 'working' on a Zine - "Domestic Cowboy's Guide to Brisbane". So far its been more talk than work but its coming along. Above is a picture I drew for it - Scott, Gav and a domestic cowboy character having $4 breakfast at Ric's in the valley. Could there be a better way to spend a morning? I could think of a worse way - ending a 24 hour animation.

Above is a few shots from a cartoon I did with my crazy Tasmanian animation buddies on a crazy 24 hour animation. In the last year I have done two 24 hour 'challenges' and if I ever try and do one ever again remind me that I hate them. I don't really hate them... I have a lot of fun for the first few hours but by the 12th I want to shoot myself. The fun part is the no-rules animation. You don't gotta listen to no one (apart from the rest of your team) but if you don't wanna care about any of those animation 'rules' that some idiot made up you don't gotta. In your face Tex Avery!

I did the animation on this... and the voice of the crazy guy.Hung , quite impressively, did the voice of the other serious guy, and drew the props and backgrounds. Air animated the background. The character design was a combination of Markus, Tim, Beale, Hung and myself - as was the concept. I miss all those guys and others from Tassie. That's something Brisbane just doesn't have.

17 Mar 2009

The Wise Man

I set out to make my first film for Tropfest. Many thanks to Mark Kuilenburg who filmed and edited this! Three cheers for Mark... hippip (horray) hippip (horray) hippip (horray)
It didn't get picked for Tropfest but that's all good with me.
I'm taking a 1 month break from domestic cowboy.

6 Mar 2009

Please consider the environment before reading the following...

This first comic I like:
This second comic I don't:
The second one was a rushed and forced comic... I had to spit something out... and this is what I go. Lets hope I never see it again.

26 Feb 2009

Leaving Tasmania

Goodbye Tasmania.
So I have given up Animation, moved to Brisbane, and enrolled in Uni. I'm doing Social Science at UQ. No more Blue Rocket, no more Pixel Pinkie, no more Nina and Anni, no more Principal Baple and Miss Domingo. So sad. Well not entirely. I have a few weeks part time. Anyway, a guy called Paul Newell is famous for inventing Fatso for Roy and HG... he worked on Pixel Pinkie and drew many these cool pictures during work... (click the picture for a bigger version)
And for those of you who like pink and purple: 

28 Jan 2009


That bunny I sometimes draw makes an appearance in domestic cowboy!

19 Jan 2009

Bad dancer

Thats me in the last frame.