16 Nov 2008

Don't worry about him, hes 'armless

Almost famous... The picture below is of the Retro cafe in Salamanca in Hobart, and thats my comic stuck on the coffee machine. Apparently a few weeks back it was a different one of my comics. I feel a bit like if Gary Larson had coffee at anyone in the worlds house...

Um... a friend of mine, who works for a government organisation, said that this wasn't offensive:

15 Nov 2008

Not the best

Not my best comic... And an old drawing from 100 years ago:

2 Nov 2008

Giant Bunny

If you look closely theres a cop car on its way. Whats he think hes gonna do?
Tasmania's street press, Sauce magazine have started publishing my comics. Scene magazine in Brisbane print my comic really, really small, which is fine... but I have to try make sure everything is big enough so people can read and understand it. (Also I could care a little less about finer quality details)... But now Sauce magazine have decided to go in the Guinness book of records for printing the largest comics ever. They print it at 25.5cm ... Scene print at 11cm. And if you understand squared space or cubed or whatever a rectangle is (which I don't) it's a significant difference. Not that theres a problem with printing it that big... its just big. And it makes it look more childish than usual. Speaking of childish...