23 Dec 2008


You know whats great about Facebook? You can stalk people.

14 Dec 2008

Happy Christmas.

What a stupid time of year. Ya hear me!! 
So after spending a million dollars on CS4 I decided I better use it... So I did the linework for this comic in Illistrator and then coloured it in Photoshop. Whats the go with illistrator? I think it would be easier to draw in excel. Heres hoping that i'm just not used to it and as I get used to it it will be easyier. Anyway can you tell the difference between this drawing and the other ones? 

1 Dec 2008

Just another comic

Do you reckon it would have been better if the flower said: "lol!" instead?

16 Nov 2008

Don't worry about him, hes 'armless

Almost famous... The picture below is of the Retro cafe in Salamanca in Hobart, and thats my comic stuck on the coffee machine. Apparently a few weeks back it was a different one of my comics. I feel a bit like if Gary Larson had coffee at anyone in the worlds house...

Um... a friend of mine, who works for a government organisation, said that this wasn't offensive:

15 Nov 2008

Not the best

Not my best comic... And an old drawing from 100 years ago:

2 Nov 2008

Giant Bunny

If you look closely theres a cop car on its way. Whats he think hes gonna do?
Tasmania's street press, Sauce magazine have started publishing my comics. Scene magazine in Brisbane print my comic really, really small, which is fine... but I have to try make sure everything is big enough so people can read and understand it. (Also I could care a little less about finer quality details)... But now Sauce magazine have decided to go in the Guinness book of records for printing the largest comics ever. They print it at 25.5cm ... Scene print at 11cm. And if you understand squared space or cubed or whatever a rectangle is (which I don't) it's a significant difference. Not that theres a problem with printing it that big... its just big. And it makes it look more childish than usual. Speaking of childish...

19 Oct 2008

24 hour comic book day

I just killed myself by doing the 24 hour comic book day challange. The idea is to do 24 pages of comics in 24 hours. And here's what I did:
I wont upload the comic cause its not very good. I gave myself a 4/10 for the comic. This was mainly because I was lazy and didn't care to much. As soon as I got tired (about an hour after it started) my care level just went. So I had 4 hours sleep in that time and watched 2001: a space Odyssey... so I wasn't putting my all into it, But that's ok... It's always about the journey and not the destination or something like that right? I had fun doing it at Hung's and it was awesome to watch how he illustrates (blog link on the right).

And for those people who like purple:

12 Oct 2008


I've decided that pictionary really isn't that fun a game. Whilst playing Pictionary Hung and I drew some pictures, or more accuratly Hung drew some pictures that I added too. Check out his blog its awesome! We got beaten bad in pictionary. I think you can guess what I drew and what Hung drew. Air drew that lady (after Hung drew the guy looking in that direction). So here are my characters hanging out with Hungs:

And here is a new version of a comic I've already posted:

5 Oct 2008

Pinkal Pixie

When your a 23 years old guy and you draw something like this out of your own free will you really feel like a man. This is a 'fan' drawing (I guess) of the show 'Pixel Pinkie' in my drawing style. I do animation on it and it comes out on channel 9 whenever they feel like showing it. Were working on season 2 at the moment.  http://www.pixelpinkie.tv/

I took this photo on the way to work... hilarious.

A sketch of a 'splash' page for my up and coming domestic cowboy website:
And a new Domestic cowboy comic:

28 Sep 2008

Turtle guy

This was a sketch I did in Fiji. Then I 'flashed' it when I got home.

And 2 more comics...

14 Sep 2008

Just some comics

Some more comics that have appeared in Scene Magazine

23 Jul 2008

Four eyes

I hope people can tell whats going on in this comic.

15 Jul 2008

In da Scene

My comics started to get published in Scene Magazine up here in Brisbane! I called my comic Domestic Cowboy. Keep an eye out for it! They print 20000 copies of the magazine each week. Its hard to do a whole comic a week. They gave me a free pass to the Batman premier! Woo! (http://www.scenemagazine.com.au/)

19 May 2008

Photo booth of death

The first page of a comic for Alpha Llama Llama... the rest will be in the comic that you will have to buy yourself... mwahahahaha:

Me and B-rad in the photo booth of death. Made for Best Night Ever! (a fiji fundraiser)

A badly inked comic:

19 Mar 2008


Showreel ya'll

A few things...

So here is the cover of the new Alpha Llama Llama magazine. It should be in all good bookstores in a few weeks. (That is maybe Ace comics and Rocking horse which are both not book stores.) The coloured bit is a photo stapled onto the front and the rest is just normal photo copy. Pretty cool hey? 

Here are some more 'artworks' I did for the zine.

And here are some photos of some of my 'art' in an art show. How upperclass. I wont tell you that the art show was in a tiny office space and no one really saw it.